6 benefits of creating Material Passports on the Toxnot Exchange

Nov 22, 2021 11:43:44 AM

Supply Chain, Product Compliance, Circularity, Digital Product Passports

In mid-November, Toxnot PBC launched The Toxnot Exchange where you can share and find Product and Material Passports. These Passports help supply chain partners find and share the specific materials information they need to accomplish their sustainability, circularity, and compliance programs.

Do you sell physical goods? Do you rely on at least one supply chain partner to produce or sell those goods? Does composition, compliance or environmental impact matter to you? If you answered yes to those questions, Materials Passports on the Toxnot Exchange can help. Check out our top six reasons why Material Passports hold the key to a more productive and resource-efficient future.

6 benefits of Product & Material Passports include:


1. Control your product information and IP

  • Customize what product information can be seen and how detailed it is.
  • Control access to specific users, allow customers and potential customers to request access while keeping detailed information away from unapproved users.

2. Share & find supplier materials data in one place

  • Anyone searching on The Exchange can find and share digital Materials Passports created by other supply chain partners.
  • A Material Passport is your ticket to freedom from Excel! Spend fewer hours on tedious and repetitive communications. Now, there’s no need to search for information across platforms, through folders, in spreadsheets, in your filing cabinet, and on your co-worker’s desk. When you need to answer a customer question or create a sustainability report, you can easily build the information from your suppliers into a Passport
  • Once the Passport has been published, you can update it as needed. Whoever has that Passport saved in their library will get a notification alerting them of the change. No more yearly emails or resharing of information. The Exchange makes it quick and automated.
    Automatically screen your ingredient data against regulatory or custom lists

3. Automatically screen your ingredient data against regulatory or custom lists

  • Are you interested in REACH, RoHS, Cal prop 65, Conflict Mineral? By hosting a Passport on the Toxnot Exchange, your products will automatically be screened against any of these lists. Or if your company has a custom list of chemicals of interest, you can easily screen against those lists as well.

4. Direct Customers to digital Circularity, Sustainability and Compliance information (rather than manually complete individual requests)

  • A Material Passport can store embodied carbon, water use, end-of-life instructions, ingredient data and more. Embodied carbon is of growing interest across all industry sectors. The Exchange is your way of distributing that information.
  • Compliance documentation and/or full materials disclosures can be included
  • Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets and other documentation can be attached.

5. Align yourself with European momentum towards supporting Digital Product Passports (DPP)

  • The Digital Product Passport Project stems from the Circular Economy Action Plan and the European Green Deal. In both of these projects, the product passport is viewed as essential for a resource-efficient circular economy. Toxnot’s Passports are modeled off of these criteria. Don’t fall behind the curve - create a Passport today.

6. Expand your network

  • Gain product and company exposure by hosting a Company Page on a database populated by other forward thinking supply chain partners. Your Company Page permits potential partners to easily request access to materials. The Exchange might bring the leads you’ve been looking for!

These are just a handful of advantages that Toxnot Product and Materials Passports could provide you and your company. Book here for a demo or browse The Exchange here.

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