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Apr 28, 2022 11:09:02 AM

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You might have noticed that Toxnot allows all accounts to send an unlimited number of supplier surveys for free. This feature in Toxnot is actually essential to our core mission! It comes down to this: everyone deserves efficient access to their material data from suppliers of their products. Here's why.

Improving Toxnot's Mission

The answer traces back to our roots. In 2016, Toxnot incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation meaning we are legally obligated to serve in the interest of our stakeholders and our shareholders. Our stakeholders include the planet and all its people. Toxnot’s mission is to improve health and sustainability across global supply chains. Our system is designed to help manufacturers clean up the toxic chemicals in their products. It does so by screening against regulatory lists and supporting functionalities for compliance, sustainability and circularity initiatives. However this process is built on the assumed foundation that manufacturers know the ingredients in their products. Say you’re choosing whether to buy material A or material B - to know which one is most eco-friendly, you must know what each is composed of. 


It starts with knowing truly knowing your products

What we’ve observed throughout the last five years is that one of the biggest challenges is for manufacturers to actually find out what the exact chemicals are in their products. The method to finding those answers, is to send supplier surveys to the constituents down the supply chain; to ask the folks making the subcomponents for more details on the materials they’re using to make their products. Once the manufacturers at the end of the supply chain can accrue all those answers, they’ll be free to make informed and environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.


Unlimited Surveying for All Accounts!

By allowing free accounts to send and receive an unlimited number of surveys, we hope to allow companies of all sizes and all budgets to initiate environmentally friendly purchasing decisions and help the world design and build better products. Together we can lead a movement to disrupt the notoriously complex supply chain, chemical hazard landscape and build creative solutions for businesses of all kinds.


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