Product Circularity Data Sheets: The Circularity Fingerprint

Mar 8, 2022 11:47:13 AM

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Toxnot recently launched a new report called the Product Circulatory Data Sheet, also known as a PCDS, onto our platform. Here's everything you need to know about the PCDS report including why it was created, what information it contains, and why you should care. 

What is a Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS)? 

PCDS is a report that aims to establish the official standard for communication product circularity data throughout the supply chain. In short, this is a way to share how circular a product is. The standard was developed by the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg with their partner Positive ImpaKT consultancy and 50+ other industry, NGO and government agency representatives. 

According to the Ministry, “The aim of the PCDS initiative is to develop an international industry standard that provides a regulated framework for circular data on products and the type of end of use cycle for which they have been designed: reuse, reparation, recycling or use as a material bank for new products.”


What does a PCDS include? 

The PCDS is a three-fold system that includes a data template, a third-party verification process, and a standardized data exchange protocol system. Toxnot provides users with an easy way to fill out the PCDS template and export it from their product library.

The data template has 5 major sections that touch upon the key characteristics of product circularity.

  1. General Information
  2. Composition Data
  3. Designed for Better Use
  4. Designed for Disassembly
  5. Designed for Reuse 

The report itself is a list of yes or no statements along with guidance for each statement. The data in the report  does not require confidential data, it's machine readable and automatically assembled when completed on Toxnot. Lastly, it shows how or if the data was audited. 


Why should you care? 

The PCDS is designed to save costs across the supply chain by improving circular economy data-sharing efficiencies. Toxnot is the first U.S. based platform to offer companies the ability to create and export PCDSs globally.

The PCDS makes it easier for stakeholders to evaluate circularity metrics. If you’re a company interested in implementing circularity, a PCDS allows you to keep better track and measure each one of your products for the Circular Economy. It ultimately lets your customers clearly communicate your products' circularity attributes. The ultimate objective is an official standardized format that aligns with ISO, CEN or other standards, and the interim objective is a de facto industry standard. 

Toxnot has recently launched the Toxnot Exchange, a searchable database for Digital Product Passports. The Exchange is built to share and find circularity, sustainability, compliance and ingredient information. To learn how to publish a digital product passport, check out this article.


How to create your own PCDS report?

Any free account can create and preview a PCDS report. To export and share an unlimited number of PCDSs, requires a Toxnot Premium subscription. Check out this help article on the Toxnot help database for step by step review for how to create your very own PCDS report.



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