Manufacturers Guide: Improving Supplier Buy-in

Sep 10, 2020 10:58:51 AM

Supply Chain, Toxnot

Improving your transparency and achieving your company goals to boost reporting efforts is easier said than done. We understand that driving change as a transparency leader isn't a simple accomplishment. Changing existing workflows can be met with push back, and that can make your sustainability efforts down right exhausting.

We want to provide you with tools to garner supplier buy-in more easily. That's why we created a new manufacturers guide available for download for free below. These resources can help you prepare for feedback to your requests and continue to educate suppliers on why your reporting needs are truly important. In fact, helping improve supplier buy-in is just as important to their brands ROI as it is for manufacturers!  With Toxnot, suppliers can instill their own influence as a product transparency leader and in return start developing their own brands sustainability ROI.


Toxnot Manufacturers Guide Includes:


Email Template: Supplier Survey Request Notice

Utilize this template to help notify suppliers to anticipate your coming data requests. This can help address their concerns upfront. We recommend attaching educational materials to better prepare suppliers such as our video on Shared Materials and our Supplier Survey Demo.

Supplier Survey Request FAQs

After sending out your notification email, use this FAQ to help anticipate the most common questions manufacturers hear from suppliers.

Toxnot Privacy & Security Overview

One of the most common concerns we hear from suppliers is due to our software's privacy and security policies. This overview can easily help address and diminish such concerns!

Supplier Surveys Guide (Get Started)

Provide your suppliers a step-by-step guide upfront! Suppliers can complete their survey requests in 6 simple steps. And remember, our amazing customer success team is always a click away to help.


Lastly - don't forget to encourage everyone to use Toxnot Shared Materials! Suppliers can not only save time on responding to future requests from all their customers, but can utilize this free tool for all their materials management in a safe & secure database for free. Most importantly, they'll always remaining in full control of their data.


Download the complete guide of materials here.

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