Introducing 3E Exchange: Connection, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability

Sep 23, 2023 7:38:50 PM

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We are pleased to announce that Toxnot is now 3E Exchange. 

The word, “exchange” conjures up images of a two-way street, passing information up and down the supply chain and breaking down siloed information when that information is needed most: to protect worker and customer safety. 

In December 2022, 3E, the leading global provider of intelligent compliance solutions for chemical and workplace safety, product stewardship and sustainable supply chains, announced the acquisition of Toxnot. The Toxnot platform facilitated the collection, management and sharing of information across value chains, while enabling compliance and sustainability reporting.  

Combining 3E’s regulatory content for chemicals with Toxnot’s powerful software platform gives users the tools to successfully manage their supply chain while also meeting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals as we build the infrastructure for a circular economy.  

3E Exchange: our commitment to helping customers advance supply chain and sustainability goals

The concept of digitally tracking products throughout their lifetime is not only gaining popularity in Europe; it is spawning new requirements for companies with complex supply chains. 

Following the European Green Deal (EGD), requirements for industry sectors are popping up. It is important to keep in mind that these requirements are at different stages of implementation. For example, requirements for batteries are finalized, whereas those for textiles, construction and electronics are in progress.  

In addition, the European Commission recently announced funding opportunities for piloting Digital Product Passports (DPPs).  

What this means is that a circular economy is not a lofty concept; it is becoming a required element of product compliance. With the 3E Exchange, you will be well-positioned to embrace this circular mindset across your entire supply chain. 

What is new?  

As Toxnot becomes 3E Exchange, DPPs will remain a key focus, and they will live in what is now called “The Passport Library.” With the global expertise of 3E bolstering DPPs, customers will benefit from a newly unified supply chain platform for supplier data, compliance and sustainability.  

In addition, users will now have access to on-demand help should a chemical incident occur.  

In addition, 3E Exchange customers will now have the benefit of access to 175,000+ supplier relationships, along with in-house Regulatory Analysts. Thus, if your goal is to improve sustainability metrics and work toward product circularity, then 3E Exchange is the best solution for you. 

What will stay the same? 

Supply chain management will always be complex. Complying with chemical regulations will always be a priority. Companies will always look for innovative ways to keep their workers and customers safe. The transition of Toxnot to 3E Exchange will continue to help customers confidently control material data, protect intellectual property and streamline workflows that run up-and-down the supply chain. 

What can you do next? 

Whether you are an existing customer or are just learning about 3E Exchange, we are always here to answer your questions and explore how we can add value for you. If you would like to learn more, email us at to request a demo.  

If your goals include a strong supply chain management strategy, embracing ESG values and breaking down communication challenges, then contact us today. Or to learn more about 3E, visit

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