5 reasons why the Toxnot Exchange is a game changer for suppliers

Dec 7, 2021 3:02:00 PM

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With the Toxnot Exchange suppliers can now be proactive rather than the reactive to any product data exchange with their customers.  In the push & pull of supplier and manufacturer communication, Material Passports on the Toxnot Exchange allow suppliers to take full control in the exchange of their data. That means having complete freedom to manage material data on their own terms.

Here are 5 key reasons why the Toxnot Exchange is a gamer changer for suppliers.


1. Only upload your product data once! Use it forever.

Every existing system used to transfer product data is a single track. It is one line of communication between a single supplier and a single manufacturer. Think of it like a telephone. Most often the manufacturer is the one calling up the supplier to ask for more information about a specific product or list of products.
The Toxnot Exchange revolutionizes that outdated process by multiplying the number of tracks and methods for sharing.
We’ve created an infrastructure where the supplier can create a Material Passport and share it to whatever level of exposure best suits their needs.
Instead of waiting for the manufacturer to call up the supplier and ask questions, the supplier can st


2. Protect your proprietary formulation or substances while still answering customer questions.

Are you worried about your competitors getting a hold of your forumulation? Or concerned about totally divulging your suppliers’ contacts? The Toxnot Exchange is built to support sustainability programs while also maintaining proprietary information. There are multiple levels of customization so you can tailor who can see what information in a detailed way.
On the Toxnot Exchange, you can create a Material Passport that hosts full material disclosure while also being able to mark substances as proprietary. The hazard data will still be shared while the chemical remains hidden. When it is shared with a supply chain partner, they’ll have the ability to screen that product against regulatory lists or submit sustainability reports without knowing the exact chemical registry numbers. This allows the supplier to maintain discretion while facilitating healthy material management. Once that Passport is published, it can be shared up and down the supply chain.


3. When you update your product Passport, your customers will get a notification

Annual surveys from your customers are a thing of the past! Now, when your formulation changes or you start using a different component, you can upload that change in Toxnot and any customer that has that specific product stored in their library will get a notification. No more long email chains or survey revision requests.


4. Work on you own time frame

Instead of being on the defense when it comes to communicating whether your products are compliant with the most up-to-date regulatory list, be on the offense and create a Material Passport on the Toxnot Exchange.
When a new product hits the market, create a passport on the Exchange in order to update and share it at your convenience.
Because your compliance reports are available by request, when someone needs the information all you have to do is type in their email address and press submit.


5. Unsure of all the ingredients in your product? Send supplier surveys for free.

We know the supply chain can be a complex web, if you need answers from one of your suppliers in order to get your customers what they need, you can create a supplier survey for free! Your sub-supplier can create a Material Passport and publish it to the Exchange. Next, you can save that Passport into your library and use it to build your own products.



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